Tuesday Night is Game Night at WK

Game Night at WKU
We have been asked to do some wonderful things for events, one of them is a Game Night. We have a lot of game tables set out near the store in the park at WKU and chose Tuesday nights at 5 P.M.
Please bring a sack or a WK toy to submit into the game pool. Read the rules note (sent out in the notice) and show up half hour at least early.
This is a wonderful way to meet more of the WK community and super fun. We look forward to seeing you all there!


The following is a list of games that we have available.


Greedy Greedy is a simple, but highly addictive fast-paced dice game for 2 to 8 players. The objective of the game is to get as many points as you can without getting too “greedy”. There is no limit to the number of rolls you can make in a turn, but if you fail to roll something of point value on each roll, then you lose everything you have accumulated for that turn.

Euchre (teams of 2 or individuals against eachother)

Euchre is a trick-taking card game where players use a combination of high suit cards and trumps to capture tricks. The trump suit changes with each round and the onus is on the player who declared the trump suit to capture more than half of the tricks played. If they fail to capture more than half of the tricks played, then they forfeit their points to the other players. Euchre can be played in teams of 2 players each or in cut-throat mode where everyone is against each other.


Pentadee is a dice game with classic Yahtzee-style game play for up to 8 players.

Spades is a card game for 4 or 8 players. Played without Jokers, the game is played in rounds with each round consisting of 13 tricks. A trick is one card played from each player (4 or 8 cards). The game is played with mandatory partners. The player sitting directly across from you is your partner. The objective is for you and your partner to catch as many of the 13 tricks each round as you can, preventing the other team(s) from catching any if possible. At the end of the round, each team is scored on the amount of tricks they they caught versus how many they claimed they could catch at the start of the round.


Hearts is a card game for 4 or 8 players. Played without Jokers, the game is played in rounds with each round consisting of 13 tricks. A trick is one card played from each player (4 or 8 cards). The objective is not to catch any tricks that contain any cards of the Heart suit, or the Queen of Spades. The game is over after one or more players reaches 100 accumulated points, at which point the player (or players) with the lowest overall score win the game.

My Virtual Lifestyle (a.k.a Lifestyle) is a classic board game where your goal is to retire with the highest net worth from your virtual escapades. Take on the role of a content creator for higher income, but bear the burden of additional debt and expenses. Or just get a job straight away and live unburdened by debt! For 2 to 8 players.
Skipee (2 to 8 Players)

The goal of Skipee is to play all of the cards in your personal stock pile by building stacks of cards from 1 to 12. The first player (or team) to empty their stock piles wins the round. The faster you empty your stock piles, the more points you get! First player or team to cross 200 points wins the game.

Ludo is a classic board game where players take control of 4 pawns each and must run the gauntlet of other players (and sometimes other hazards) to reach the safety of their home. 2 to 8 players

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