Update to WK In-world stats

In-world Stats for both WK Big Cats and WK Wild Dogs have been updated to include the rarity percent for each trait.
Tails for WK Wild Dogs will show two percent values, the first is the tail texture followed by the tail shape.
This is a server side update, no animal update is required. Simply check the Stats or Parents to see rarity in-world.

5 thoughts on “Update to WK In-world stats

  1. Awesome!! This is an amazing feature. Well done. I’m sure the rest of the secondary market will agree.

  2. The addition of the precentages is awsome altho it would be more helpful I believe if you had the trait total of each one along with it. Reason being 0% can result in 5, 6, 7, 8 trait totals therefore each precentage does not mean the same amount if that makes sense..

  3. I agree with Tan. Many of us do look at the percentages first but then we also need to take into account the trait value points (how rare the trait actually is). The percentages only tell us one part of the story on the animal inworld. We still have to go to the website to look up the trait value points. Still it’s a great step forward.

    • You do get the the total trait points but you feel you need to have that broken down as well? We felt that this would get very bulky on the in world stats. With too much information in the stats it will change how they display in the local chat making the local window having to be active. A little thing WE know but it is a change and a chance that it will change.

  4. thank you for fixing it and adding the total number along with the precentage. I know you was worried about it looking bulky but it is a whole lot more helpful and useful. 🙂

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