A mystery to unfurl….

Attention: Jaguar Breeders (specifically those that are breeding the US Jaguars).

NEW FURS are coming in to the Breed.

Did you say new furs? (am I reading that right)  Yes, we said NEW US JAGUAR FURS.

We have listened to the breeders and have looked at how to introduce these furs to help the 2nd Market in the best way. We also want it to be a bit fun.  At this time of years Hunts start up and we thought what better then to have a mystery to unfurl for finding the furs.  We will make it easy starting with only one fur.  If you have the fur in the hint below.

Hint: (on what fur will bring in the new fur)

Little Jaguar Horner sat in a corner eating a ‘holiday pie’, he opened his eyes at such a ‘surprise’ and decided to give it a try.

His search went awry so off he did fly, to the markets to find this good ‘pie’

One thought on “A mystery to unfurl….

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