Mark your Calendar

We have a very special event coming up this month.  The event is put on by a group of fashion designers who’ve pulled together to help the MSF Doctors with Out Borders.  With a adorable name to go along with it a Spoonful of Sugar…. we all know that this will help the medicine go down.  Doctors with out Borders supply Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial.  A Breeder brought this event to our attention and as we are a company that has breeders all over the world we felt it was a good fit.

We asked if we could help and while we are not necessarily a fashion company but we do believe that the WK Animals are the best fashion accessory companion.  We do hope that you will all visit the event especially the fashion side of the area with your best fashion companion walking with you. Showing the rest of SL how good they can look with their own animal companion.

The event starts September 9th we want to make this a great event.

Up for donations are the following animals ~ full details to follow in the weeks to come.

Spoonful of Sugar LE Spoonful of Sugar LE Dire

Up for auction OOAK’s ~ Auction time to be announced on the September 23,2016

Spoonful of Sugar OOAK Gray Spoonful of Sugar OOAK Tigon

Up for the community Auction held on Sept 16, at 5:30 are 30 wonderful animals donated from our CSR staff and filled in with some very special animals.



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