Tonight at 5:30

There are a few events that happen in this world that make it difficult to fully express the complexity of emotions as a result of what occurred. Having been at the forefront of so many charitable events, like our Autism Awareness or Relay For Life fund raisers (just to name a few), it’s a little easier to gain a broader perspective to discover the need that arises for the funds raised. What constantly amazes everyone at Wild Kajaera is the generosity of so many people, who donate to help such wonderful causes.

Our MSF / Doctors Without Borders event has been a part of a larger cause throughout Second Life that started just a few days ago. In that time, the proceeds raised from our Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougar and our Spoonful of Sugar L.E. Dire Wolf have astounded us. And, that’s not even the best part.

As of now, the top bid for the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Tigon is listed at 700,001 Lindens. And the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Gray Wolf is listed at 16,000 Lindens. With a few more days until the bidding is closed, we’re sure those amounts will increase.

Can you say, “Wow!”?

This outpouring of support just goes to show how incredible our Wild Kajaera Community is. It’s not only about 100% of the proceeds going to MSF / Doctors Without Borders. It’s about how generous, caring, and awesome the breeders in our community are.

From everyone who has purchased the Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougar or L.E. Dire Wolf to anyone who has bid on our Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K Tigon and Gray Wolf, we are honored to be a part of this great cause. We’re even amazed by those people who aren’t able to provide monetary support, but share the message with family and friends to help spread the word.

Our community constantly raises the bar during charitable events like this.

To say, at the least… We’re incredibly humbled. Thank you!

Please keep in mind that we have an even greater opportunity to do more at our CSR’s / Community Auction at 5:30pm SLT tonight. Stop by before the auction. Have a look at all the great cats and wolves the CSR’s and the Community at WK have donated, with the proceeds going directly to this great cause.

Here’s the location:
**For Further Information, Please Visit These Links:

Wild Kajaera Blog Page –

Second Life’s Spoonful of Sugar Festival –

Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders –

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