S.O.S. Progress

If you look back at our previous post, explaining how humbled we are to have such an amazing WK Community, we hope that we supplied enough details to explain why we feel that way. The events that transpired last night at the 5:30pm WK Community and CSR auction exceeded our expectations. Huddled around a tower of cats, supporting MSF / Doctors Without Borders, we were all proof of how incredible our WK Community is.

Every one who attended, every person who spread the word, every individual who showed their support, played a part in strengthening our community. Some of you may have had issues with chat lag or camera lag, but you pushed through it to join us. Some of you may have had difficulty entering the sim, due to it being full, but you persisted and made it. Some of you may have even decided to stop by just because of the notice we sent out to our group, but your curiosity still brought you by. That, to us at WK, is nothing short than incredible.

We’ll show you how:

Of the Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougars and L.E. Dire Wolf kiosks, you have helped us raise 601,000L by purchasing 129 Cougars and 107 Wolves.

The entire auction pulled in a Grand Total of 239,256L by auctioning off 45 cats and wolves donated from the WK Community and CSR’s.

In our WK Community and CSR auction, Jess Intermenos purchased the most panels, with 12, winning the Most Panels Purchased Winter Fur Bengal Prize. Rachal Mixmaster won the Most Lindens Spent Winter Fur Bengal Prize by purchasing a Level 19 Bengal for 55k.

As of the typing of this message the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Gray Wolf has a 20k bid on the bid board, and the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Tigon has a bid of 700,001L. Each having 6 days and 9 hours left to bid.

Let’s put that into perspective. With the Direct Sale Kiosks, the WK Community and CSR Auction, and the bids on our O.O.A.K. Tigon and Gray Wolf, we have a Grand Total of 1,560,257L that we will be raising for this incredible cause. And, with about 6 ½ days left until the end of the bidding for the O.O.A.K. Tigon and Gray Wolf, we’re sure this amount will only increase. All of this goes to prove how amazing our WK Community is and how completely stunned we, at Wild Kajaera, are.

Please. Keep in mind. We still have an opportunity to do so much more, to spread the message, and raise more Lindens for this great cause. You still have time to hit the bid boards and place your bid for the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Tigon and Gray Wolf. The Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougars and L.E. Gray Wolves will be available until further notice. Be sure to keep an out for future updates.

YOU are the reason Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs are the best breedables in Second Life. You make our WK Community a force to be reckoned with.

With complete admiration and respect,
~Wild Kajaera

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