New Website Feature

Over the past few months, we have rolled out new features and menu options into our Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs. From adding the roleplay functionality to our Wolves, to providing a Low Prim Option and Classifieds button to the menu of our animals when you click them inworld, we constantly strive to make our breedables more user friendly.

As of today, we’ve added two new features to your WK Big Cat and Wild Dog portal page. We’ve added the option to look up who has bought animals from you and who you’ve bought from. Having this level of control over seeing who and where your cats are going to is useful in so many ways:

1. You can see who bought an animal that you had out in your market stall, to thank them.
2. You can see who you bought an animal from, if you want to see if they have more like it.
3. You can research how many animal’s you’ve bought or sold to a particular breeder.
4. You can find out what happened to an animal you don’t remember doing anything with.
5. You can just explore, out of curiosity.

We’re sure you’ll find even better ways to use this valuable information. That was just 5 examples, to name a few.

The thing is. We want to give you more flexibility to work with your wonderful cats and wolves. By adding the “Animals Bought” and “Animals Sold” buttons to each of the Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs portal pages, we feel you’ll have a lot of use for the additions. These buttons are located at the bottom of each of the button columns on the portal pages. Take a look.

We look forward to rolling out more bells and whistles in the future, to show the world Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs are the best Breedable animals and community in Second Life.

Thank you,

~ Wild Kajaera

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