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Avi Choice Awards!


On the grand scale of things, we are constantly amazed by how generous and strong our Wild Kajaera Community is. Whether it’s reflected in the numerous Relay For Life events we’ve been a part of in the past, or recently, by being part of the Doctors Without Border’s event, our WK Community has taken every opportunity to show off who we are to the rest of Second Life, far exceeding expectations.

We have a chance to do this again… to toot our own horns, so to speak. Second Life has decided to celebrate the last Avi Choice Awards, and we are fortunate to have YOU nominate us for two wonderful categories.

When you thought of Second Life’s Favorite Breedable, you nominated Wild Kajaera – Jaed Cartier / Kay Rembrandt / Random Nirvana to represent you in that category. We share the pride we feel, with you, by innovating the breedable world with our amazing Big Cats and Wolves.

To have you nominate Wild Kajaera – QueenFelinea in the Favorite Customer Service category is just as humbling. It shows us that you appreciate the time and effort we put into helping strengthen you as an amazing breeder.

To top this off, you’ve even nominated Breeders Choice – xTwisted1x Resident as Second Life’s Favorite Breedable Market. Devoted to Wild Kajaera only, Breeder’s Choice has been a mainstay in our Secondary Market for the longest time.

It goes without saying… We’re honored! Those nominations have truly shown us just how strong our Wild Kajaera Community is. We just have one final thing to do. Vote! You have an opportunity to show everyone in Second Life, once more, that all of us involved in Wild Kajaera have something amazing to show everyone else.

We know you share the same pride in our Wild Kajaera Community as we do. Don’t hesitate to visit the Avi Choice Awards website (under the Vote Here – SLife Awards menu) and let Second Life know they need to know who we are!

VOTE HERE – SLife Awards


~ Wild Kajaera

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