Toys For Tots


Being able to enjoy Second Life the way we do, it might be difficult to envision that there are way too many children who don’t have the chance to experience Christmas the way we do. As disheartening as this is, we have an opportunity to do something about it. We are excited to announce that we have the privilege of joining Second Life’s Toys For Tots donation drive.


From NOW to November 13th, a collective of Second Life Content Creators, Performers, and Sim Locations are holding the 8th Annual Toys For Tots donation drive. By joining this effort, we, once again, want to show Second Life how amazing our Wild Kajaera Community is. We’re confident that generosity and compassion pump strong in the heartbeat of the men and women in our community. We now have a chance to show everyone else in Second Life how important this wonderful charity is to us.

From now to November 9th, we are offering an exclusive White Toys For Tots Lion Shoulder Pet with each donation of 699L. You can find these wonderful shoulder pets at or Wild Kajaera University and Wild Kajaera Crystal River locations as well of our various Store locations. Help us continue to show how wonderful our Wild Kajaera Community is.

For more information about the Toys For Tots 8th Annual Donation Drive, please visit this site:

Thank you,

~ Wild Kajaera

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