Coming up on Dec 1


Awareness for World AIDS Day!



Some of us may be old enough to remember how frightening it was to witness the global scare that occurred in the 1980’s when HIV became a constant discussion in the news and other media. Not being connected constantly to a stream of information, like we are now, the fear of AIDS spread throughout the nation. For some, there seems to be an uneasy understanding about HIV and AIDS even today, when we have a wealth of information at our fingertips.

On December 1st, people around the world pay tribute to World AIDS Day. This day is special to so many people in the world, as it serves to unify everyone’s goal at finding a cure for this horrible disease. Additionally, it serves as a day to pay reverence to those who have passed as a result of AIDS or those living with it today.

Being on Second Life as much as we are, it’s easy to let the real world slip away. Becoming completely encapsulated in what we do on here, breeding our wonderful Wild Kajaera cats, or visiting amazing places built by others, we can often forget the impact that HIV and AIDS has had on the world around us. Some of you may even know someone who is battling the disease now.

Wild Kajaera’s Ribbon of Strength Eye will have a chance to drop in all births on December 1st. This is our way to increase awareness for World AIDS Day on the 1st. Please go to to learn more. We know our amazing community will share the same respect we have for such an event.

Will randomly drop in from 8 AM SLT to the next day at 8 AM SLT

With Respect
~ Wild Kajaera

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