RFL Community Auction


Relay For Life Auction Monday, December 6th


This is the time of year where many people reflect on what they have and what they’re thankful for. As the end of the year nears, many will express this gratitude in many ways. It will be reflected in the many ads you may see on TV or in the numerous pages you scroll through on the Internet. This world has a lot to be thankful for, and we would think that you share that sentiment.

For tens of thousands of people across the world, this thankfulness holds an even deeper meaning. Whether they were just diagnosed with cancer, they have been in remission for a certain amount of time, or they’ve been struggling with it for so long, these heroes each see the promise of a new year in a different way. To experience that uncertainty, that fear, or that anxiety is a battle that no one should have to face, but these people do. In that sense, the new year may mean so much more than other people could imagine.

At Wild Kajaera, we believe in helping to support the cause. Through our numerous Relay for Life events we’ve participated in the past, we want to help find a cure. We know we have a wonderful community of generous people who feel just as strongly as we do. That’s why we’ve decided to hold a Relay for Life Community Auction on Monday December 5th at 6PM. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life Fundraiser. The Relay for Life Auction will be located at the RFL Breedable Event.

To help us with this initiative, we are asking for cat or wolf donations to be auctioned off at this event. For those of you who want to show solidarity for our Relay for Life Auction, we ask that you send your cat or wolf to Jaed Cartier. Please rename your live animal or sack → Donated by (Your Name). We know, with your help, you can help show the world that we have a strong, vibrant community of generous people who are united in helping find a cure for cancer.

And, please. Be sure to spread the word, share it with your friends, and show up on Monday at 6pm to help support our Relay for Life Auction. We know, with your help, we can work wonders.

For more information on Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, please visit this website: http://www.cancer.org/involved/participate/relayforlife/

Our Sincerest Appreciation,

~ Wild Kajaera

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