Winter Animals are here!!


Winter Maltese Tiger and Winter Dire Wolf!!


Are you ready for something new, maybe borderline imaginary or fantasy? We’ve got something special for you. This winter we want to introduce you to a new breed of tiger, the Maltese Tiger. These beautiful cats have a blue coloration in the patterns on their fur.

Although a Maltese Tiger with bluish fur may seem a bit far fetched, there have been unproven accounts of this color variation occurring in the wilds of Asia. We’ve expanded on this and present you with our WK Winter Cat 2016. These beautiful tigers will not only introduce you to the colorful Sanming fur, but it will also introduce new traits that can be passed: Snowflake eyes, Baby ears, and Bob tails.


Now that we have your attention, we also want to introduce you to our new Winter Wolf. We bring the Baby scale into the wolf genetics with our Dire Wolf with Grandview fur. We’ve also added a new eye, new ears, and new teeth for you to pass into your lines: Snowflake eyes, Pointy Big Dark ears, Saber Bent teeth. This wolf will be an amazing addition to your pack, and its self-confident personality will definitely show as it becomes acquainted with its new family.

WK Winter Wolf.png

We hope you are as excited as we are to have the new Winter Maltese Tiger and Winter Dire Wolf. We know you’ll use your breeding mastery to pass these wonderful traits into your pride or pack. These amazing animals will be available at our Wild Kajaera sim for a limited time, so be sure to stop by and pick up a few.


~ Wild Kajaera


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