RFL Last Day


One Final Push for the Relay For Life Event!

With every fund raising event that we have the privilege of being part of, we are constantly reminded how strong and generous our Wild Kajaera community is. It amazes us to see how much you care about what these events represent through your participation and donations. Truly, you have shown us that our community is in the spirit of giving this season.

Being invited to be a part of the Relay for Life event the last couple of weeks, we have the honor of working alongside so many great people in Second Life, working towards the goal of helping find a cure for cancer through our fundraising. We called upon our strong support base to help us with this, and you answered back with a resounding, unified voice showing us how strongly you feel about the cause.

When we asked for donations for our Relay For Life auction, you generously shared your gifts with us. Even though it was fun to hear Jaed call the auction, the real fun was watching 87,200 Lindens being raised for Relay for Life. When we set up a special RFL Crated Cheetah, you stopped by and helped raise 410,000 Lindens to help find a cure. Even our special RFL Rug of Hope raised an amazing 12,974 Lindens to go to the cause.

The highlight of our participation in this Relay for Life fundraising event centered around the RFL OOAK Tigger auction. It is with immense pride that we announce that Emily Quendra won this amazing cat with a bid of 300,000 Lindens. And, here’s a picture of Emily with her new pride and joy.

Today marks the last day for the Relay for Life event. You still have time to help make a difference. Our RFL Crated Cheetah and RFL Rug of Hope will be available throughout the day until approximately 8 PM SLT. Please stop by and help us make one last push to help raise Lindens for Relay For Life before the event is over. We hope to see you there!

With great appreciation,

~ Wild Kajaera

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