The Wild Thing

If you have not heard we were part of the Firestorm Winter Party.  This was an amazing event and we would personally like to welcome all of the new members to the community.

If you were not able to attend the party the Firestorm Developers asked us to leave the cat available for 2 weeks.  You can find it either on the main sim or at the party venue.

Firestorm Cheetah Promo AD.png

This is a collectors cat it is a pet and does not require food. It does not breed unless you choose to convert it into a full breedable animal. There s no cost for the animal.


Party Venue ~

We have some wonderful breeders and markets to wander. To entice you into giving breeding a try.

If you choose to convert the animal to a fully breeding animal and join the Wonderful WK Community. You will need the WK Wild Thing Kit BC (Big Cats)


WK Wild Thing Kit BC


Wild Thing Kit.png

The Kit is available at WKU Sim. Near the food and booster vendors.

If you have not joined our in world support group you can paste this in local chat and join the group.


2 thoughts on “The Wild Thing

  1. If this does not add litters to the cat. what is the purpose of it. most cats that are grown and made into forever pets. have had all thier litters.

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