Rare Eye

A rare eye to go along with the rare event of a Solar Eclipse.  The eye will be dropping into the random pool of all WK animals starting Sunday evening and going through to Tuesday Morning.  There is also a chance of getting it in the glowing version of the eye.

Eclipse Eye


2 thoughts on “Rare Eye

  1. Not sure how “rare” it is when the day after the eclipse this eye is already down to 5 trait points, but it’s a cool eye nonetheless. Thanks for making it.

    • The Eclipse Eye is currently ranging between 8 trait points and 4 depending on which version of the eye you have. The eye on its parent species will be less then if you can move the eye on to another species. For example the Eclipse-T eye on a tiger is 4 trait points but if you have the Eclipse-T eye on a Lion is 7 traits points. Hope that helps explain the various values.

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