New Glow and Shine in BC

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing in the BIG CATS 2 new Glows and 1 new Shine versions.  The new version are Eclipse, Solar and Luster.  With the release of the new versions however we do need to remove current Moonlight and Sunlight and Glisten from the random drop.  They WILL continue to pass.  They have been around for a very long time so we are confident that they will continue to be found in the secondary market.

The new versions will come in at a higher levels than the older versions.  In order to qualify for Eclipse you need to have an offspring resulting at level 50 or higher, Luster is level 60 or higher and Solar at level 65.

Happy Breeding –

Clarification on how this passes – it starts with the random drop and the offspring must be the resulting level or higher.  There was a day we had a small issue where it did pass to levels not correctly. These have been corrected.

Once the animal has either the glow or the shine it passes up or down the levels.

Level only matters when there is no ancestral presence of the trait.

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