County Fair OOAK Silent Auction

Over the past 5 years, it has been no secret that we get a lot of request for various things, from animals to be made or toys for them to play as well suggestions for the look of the animal.  Some of the suggestions have been a bit outside our normal area leaning almost into Fantasy. While this may not be our taste it certainly is not impossible to do.  The question was how do we do this to create the least amount of drama.  Being completely transparent about how a custom Fur/Coat came about is the first thing.

We have decided that we will hold a Silent Auction for a Custom Design Fur/Coat.  The Fur/Coat will be placed then on a Level 5 animal. Remaining traits will be chosen from the current list of traits to be decided on by the winning bidder and QueenFelinea.

The winner of the Fur/Coat will work with Kay Rembrandt to get the design to there liking.  You all have seen the talent were confident that we will be able to produce something the winner would be happy with.  The Fur/Coat will be an exclusive Fur/Coat and pass as any other exclusive with a different nose except that if the choice is a Hybrid. If you have doubts your idea would be possible drop Kay an IM and ask before bidding.

As with any of the other OOAKs we have ever done we will also be creating a complementary eye.

We will be offering these at the county fair. Opening bid will be set at 100,000Ls.

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