Big Cat County Fair Set UP

The Big Cat County Fair is ready for set up.  There are 5 various color stumps for you to set your animal for judging on. Each section will be judged only for the traits in that section, make sure to set your Big Cat in the right category.

Recapping ALL cats must be live no sacks we want to be able to see your wonderful breeding and show it off to the SL community. We have listed the event in the SL events so the whole of SL is invited to view your wonderful animals.

The sections are broken up All traits Ubers and Regulars in the same general area running perpendicular to the midway. Stump colors for the all trait section are green and pink.

Teeth and Tails opposite of Ears and Eyes on one side of the midway on the blue and purple stumps.

Whiskers Scale Glow and Shine are located on the other side of the midway on the yellow stumps.

The Silent Auction Board for the Big Cat Exclusive Fur is set up on the midway.  The Silent Auction will end next Saturday morning.

Souvenirs are still being finished up but the first of them is the Extra Large Teddy Bear which can also be found on the midway.

Teleport to the Midway Set up is open.   Set up needs to be complete by Monday when the judging will start.



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