WK BigCat Hangout Tree

Now the Big Cat Hangout tree has been around for awhile, it still is a marvel in all its glory as it is the biggest of the trees currently offered that the WK Big Cats can climb on their own or be sent to climb using the Climb Tree button in the menu.

The tree is sold by Lilith Heart of Heart to Heart Landscaping. You can purchase it from them via the SL Market place for the Spring/Summer you can also get the tree in a Autumn and a Winter. The Spring/Summer tree can be seen on the WKU or Crystal River stores as well. They are sold for 899Ls and you get two copies of the tree. The tree is 27 prims and a wonderfully large tree.

Now even though the tree was originally designed for the WK Big Cats it seems that are Little Varmint – Ferrets like it just as well and they can scurry up the tree and take advantage of the 3 different sleeping spots that the tree has to offer.

WK Little Varmint Ferrets in the Great Oak Cat Hangout Tree

The Hang Out tree should have two scripts in the content tab of the edit window in version 1.6 if your tree does not have these updated scripts the tree may not work as expected contact a CSR in the support group for assistance in getting the scripts.

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