New Habitat Areas

New Habitats are out for sale at the WKU. These 2 Habitats were both designed by Darkstone Aeon. One is a Waterfall with a pool area surrounded by a small tree and some tall grass. The other is a Rock Pond with a water feature in the middle. Both have several sleeping spots for the animals. There are two ways in which you can use them in your landscape for your animals to enjoy, or as a restricted habitat to keep your animals with in a certain area if you use the Habitat feature in the Motion Menu. Menu>Motion>Range>In Habitat.

Check them out in person at the WKU.

Located at;
Located at;

Once you rezz your habitat out you will want to lower them into the ground a bit or platform if your using them in the air. Once you have them in the position you want them in you will need to hit Add this will then allow the animals that are rezzed to see it. If you take it up or move it make sure to hit Remove or the animals will not know its gone. :))

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