Spring Time Hunt

The WK animals live all over the grid in Second Life and are seen when they are brought out to auction or the sales area but rarely is it possible to see them in their natural home habitats. These would be the places that you have designed and decorated for you to enjoy the animals in their natural state. As owners or csrs we get to go to a home visit to help fix an issue and have noticed some VERY nice locations that the animals get to live. We would like to help you show off your animals habitat.

If you have never Hunted with WK before your in for a treat. The prizes won are geared towards the WK Animals or Avatars. There are more prizes available then there are hunting spots so gifts will be random. We have included in the hunt everything from Breeding Boosters (Love potion, Pregnancy Vitamins and C-Section blankets to various toys and even clothing items for your Avatar. You wont want to miss out on this. Yes there is a hunt price of 1,000ls but it is well worth it as there is over 10,000 in item give aways.

The Spring Time Hunt will have hunters going all over the grid to see these beautiful spots. (Breeders who wish to participate that is) If you happen to be a breeder, market, auction house or sales area that you thing has a wonderful habitat or design you like to show off we invite you to register

The Plan is;

Location Registration is OPEN now 5/6/2019 will cut for this hunt will be 5/9/2019.

Hunt is scheduled to Start 5/10/2019 and run through to the 5/20/2019.

If we get more locations then the hunt can handle we will roll it over and hunt again with those locations next month.

Hunt Huds will go on sale May 6 thru the 18th.

Prize Info Generally with the hunts the prizes are random, we have been asked to expand on what we are including as prizes in the hunt, so here goes.

6 different Boosters BC,
6 different Boosters WD,
6 different Boosters LV and the
6 different Boosters WM

Snack Bowl, Healing Cream or Biscuit or Alfalfa or Soup, Elixir of Happiness, Jar of Love Potion, Pregnancy Vitamins and C-Section

In addition to the normal boosters there are Battle boosters for the Wild Dogs and the New Riding boosters for the Wild Mustangs.

22 various Toys may add more
2 Non related items
13 Avatar Items Clothing, Eyes

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