Loving Spring Time

If you’re like us you love the beginning of spring where the flowers come back out and the weather is not so hot. There is no better time of year to have some fun with your animals out side. Dressing them up and with the addition of our Wild Mustangs we can have a bit of fun with some face painting. Now this is a bit off our normal page but we are sure you will enjoy this Mustang. Her coat, mane and tail will NOT pass but they will pass the shape of the Mane and the shape of the Tail. This latest in the DC line is introducing not only the new Mane Tail look but also the Aura is new. The Mustang will come in FEMALE ONLY to help with keeping the Mane and tail rare but when you breed the Mane with other colors you have a chance of bringing that mane shape and the male mane texture together. The Tail Shape will come out at various levels in different colors in addition to passing a different color shaped tail.

She is going to be on sale till the end of May the 21st. You will be able to purchase her at the WKU Toy Center

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