Miniature Mustangs

New Species in Wild Mustangs!!

The Leprechauns have shrunk the Mustangs, just in time for St. Patricks Day. These Miniature Mustangs are adorable. These will have some differences over the Wild Mustangs, like with the Real World Miniature Horses these even the Mammoth scale will not be rideable as they are barely above the shoulder of a full size horse. The scales will be similar to that of the cats as you cant size these little one up by hands. They will also have all new coats for you to discover. They will not be able to breed with the big ones as that would just be painful for the Mini Mamas.

Keep your eyes on the blog and in world notices for more news about the Miniature Mustangs. They will be release very soon if the luck of the Irish are with us.

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