At the WK Stores ONLY

The excitement never ends at WK.

The beautiful and exotic Wild Mustangs just weren’t enough, now there are Miniature Wild Mustangs!
The breeding will included many different scales (sizes), lots of gorgeous NEW coats designed specifically for the Minis, and oooh those eyes!

What’s this bid board at the WK store all about?

WK will be releasing the NEW Miniature Wild Mustangs for St Patty’s day,

HOWEVER just to tease you each WK store will have a bid board with one – special Miniature Mustang! The unique coat will not be available in the crate.
This gives the winners a 3 day start too! The list of stores is in the attachment.

Added to the bid board in each location a crated female to pair in age to the special Male Miniature Mustang. These females are all different and you will want to check them out. In addition to the females we have finished set up on all locations and corrected the teleport to as SL Map was giving us an issue last evening.

WK Main Store Where we grew too – Won by ladyfantaC Resident – 50,000

WK Crystal River Where it all began – Won by Douglass McDonnell  – 35,000

Ami’s – A mix Breedable Region – Won by Elenor Lapointe – 27,000

Gerris – Home of the Big Cats and Wild Dogs and Little Varmints – Won By Colvinna Resident – 80,000

Gerris – Home of Wild Mustangs and Zebras – Won by Yazhu Ichibara – 40,000

Huntress – A mix Breedable Region – Won by petal77 Resident – 65,000

Safari A WK Exclusive Region – Won by DavenaGrace Resident – 50,000

Unicorn Garden – A mix Breedable Region – Won by Savvoir Resident  – 35,000

Windy City – WK Auction House and Market – Won by Amandapanda Clip  – 27,000

Pictures of the couples.

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