Today at WK

Today is the day that you have been waiting for, the WK Miniature Mustangs make their official release to the SL Grid.

The way today will work so you can mark your calendar or set your alarms.

Roughly around noon in SL the Bid Board Dapple and Mate will come to a close. See previous post for locations and pictures. There are only 9 Males up for grabs. These coats will only come from these Males and will not be released in any other way in the future.

Next up will be the release of the Saint Patricks Day Miniature Mustang. This is the little mustang that got the whole thing started and he is a Tiny scale. This scale is not released in the crates. He has on a slightly green brown hue of a coat and had some very pretty parents. They all have a unique Claddagh ring eye design with various jewel tones.

You may select either a male or a female.

We did not want this little one to be the only Miniature available so at this time we are also releasing companions in the way of new crated animals. These will all be level 3 and come with random furs some more rare than the others. The A + B Look up tool has been updated to include the Miniature Mustangs to help you on your way with breeding combinations to look for.

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