Wild Dog ~

Coming changes to the Wild Dogs.

The first of these changes that you will be able to see is the Wild Dog Strain page here on the Blog. It is located under whats a trait. The Wild Dog Strain is a sub set of the animal species and will be introduced as a new trait called Strain. Each strain has many fur combinations and leg words to work towards.

Strain is going to be added to the animal stats to help you know which fur comes from which strains.

The Trait Statics tool is nearing completion. This is not only the tool but the revamp to how the points get a sign. This will give you new ways to see the various traits that you have access to. It may seem overwhelming at first, remember it is there for you.

The Word Set – on the legs is a fun sub set of the animals that many of you are now getting the hang of. We would like to reward that hard work with extra trait points if you have the completed word set.

Wild Dog Eyes – The actual species Wild Dog has new eyes that they will trigger when they breed.

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