Update to Portal WD

The Portal gets a grid update in Big Cats and Wild Dogs coming soon to Little Varmints and Wild Mustangs. The grids will now adjust to be wider on the screen making it easier to read.

That tool you all love in Big Cats and Wild Mustangs Trait Statistics has been added to Wild Dogs.

Not one but two new traits have been added to the Wild Dogs. The Strain is now a trait, this will help you know which strain there is more of on the grid. The point range on Strain is up 8 points. More info on Strain – its been added to several of the pages on website your Males, Females, Young and Sack. Strain is also been added to the stats in world and the rarity calculator. Ancestry is the last little spot you will find Strain.

The legs individually use to be up to 2 points a leg but that was just not enough points to work with for this new style of % so they each get shifted up to 8 points a piece OMG I know yes thats a total of 32 possible points just for the legs of your animal. If you are lucky enough no scratch that if you are talented enough to to be able to make the complete word set in order you get up to 10 more points. Making the legs worth a max of 42 points alone.

Exciting times for the Wild Dogs.

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