As we say Goodbye to Gerrit

Today a memorial was held to honor the life of Gerrit Negulesco. Gerrit has been in SL since 2007 and has recently passed away. Other than being known for having the longest breedable market in SL he had a huge heart and caring spirit. He started his market with the original rabbits and various others through out the years.

The community has asked us to do something as a memory for Gerrit. We thought long and hard about this and with the help of MyLush have come up with a very special Little Varmint Hare. This little varmint hare wears a Jockey Outfit reminiscent of the outfit that Gerrit wore for the better part of 10 years. This idea turned out so well it inspired us to do something more for the LV Hares. We hope you will enjoy the Jockey Hares as much as we did making it. It is a A+B combination that will give you a chance to get another style of Jockey Silks on another Hare fur. We will be adding the AB Look Up tool to the Little Varmints to help you figure it out which combinations make which outfits Furs in the coming days. These are Furs they don’t come off. The outfits may pass and may trigger new outfits as time passes.

AB Combinations – Female Naked with a Male Negulesco~GreenerPastures for a chance of a Naked California Dream, Female Negulesco~GreenerPastures with a Male White for a chance of a PrettyInPink, Female Black Face Fuzzy with a Male Negulesco~GreenerPastures for a chance of a BlackFace~RipTide, Female PrettyInPink with a Male Black Face Fuzzy for a chance of a Black Face~Pretty InBlue.

You can get your Gerrit Tribute here.

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