RFL Pet Event

OMG your not going to want to miss this one folks. Its a very short time so hop on over as soon as you can. Best part about the event is you can bring your favorite animals with you. Walk around with your animals and participate in any of the events they have planned at the bottom of this post is a time schedule.

Bark, Meow, Growl and Howl Official Pet Events

The information you have been waiting for is finally here! We have a schedule and list of events for the entire day. There may be some surprises, so you may want to check in throughout the event, but these are the things you can plan on! DJ’s will be playing throughout most of the day! Come out and enjoy even if you don’t have a pet. We will have a lot of fun!

Ongoing Throughout the Day

Pampered Pets – Take some time to pamper your pets in our grooming area. Give them a bath, clip their nails, brush them down, whatever it is they need.

Pet Kissing Booth – Do you like to be slobbered on? Come and get a kiss from one of the fabulous pets that will be at the event.

Pet Memorial – We know that not just humans can get cancer. Have you lost a beloved pet to this dreadful disease? Come light a candle to celebrate and remember their life.

Agility Course – Do you think your pet is particularly agile and can follow directions? See if they can run our agility course. We’ve got one for the little animals and one for the larger animals.

Photo Booth – If you’re going to participate in the “Best Pet” competition, you’ll need a picture, why not take one with one of our poses and backdrops! Lots of poses and backdrops to pick from.

Food Truck Festival – Team Shadow believes we are all One Team with One Dream, to find a cure for cancer. We’ve invited other Relay for Life teams to come and “sell” food during the event to raise money for their team. Check out what they have available. Maybe some will have some special treats for your pets!

Vendors – There will be some animal and food vendors at the event. Check out what they have and maybe you can adopt a pet of your own or a brother or sister for the pet(s) you already have!


Best Pet Competition –

There will be four rounds that are two hours each. Entrants will purchase a spot on an easel and post a picture of their “Best Pet”. Votes will be counted in Lindens donated to the kiosk next to their easel. The top six will go to the final round at 3-5 pm to be featured in a calendar that will be sold at Team Shadow’s site during the Relay for Life on June 12 and 13.

Best Dressed Pet –

Do you dress up your pet? We know you do! Bring them out and enter them into our best dressed pet parade. At the end of the parade your pet’s picture will be taken and they will be placed on an easel with a kiosk. The pet’s who raise the top three dollar amounts will receive a trophy!

Pet Costume Contest –

When Halloween comes around are you the first one to put your pet in a costume? Then this contest is for you! Bring out your pet and enter them in our parade. Pictures will be taken and the winners again will be chosen via kiosk. Top three win a special trophy!

Schedule of the Day!!

6-7 – Soft opening
7-8 – Best Pet Competition 1
8-9 – Best Pet Competition 1
Pet Parade
9-10 – Best Pet Competition 2
10-11 – Best Pet Competition 2
Best Dressed Pet Parade and Competition
11-12 – Best Pet Competition 3
12-1 – Best Pet Competition 3
Pet Parade
1-2 – Best Pet Competition 4
2-3 – Best Pet Competition 4
Best Costumed Pet Parade and Competition
3-4 – Best Pet Final Round
4-5 – Best Pet Final Round
5-6 – Food Truck Winner Announcement
Best Pet Announcement

Teleport to the event

WK has purchased a bunch of randomly selected animals last night to be adoptions every animal sold will have their adoption fee donated to the team. Animals will be replaced through out the event as they are sold.

Also on offer from WK are;

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