RFL Opens Dec 1


Relay For Life LE and OOAK!!


It all started with one man, in May 1985. Dr. “Gordy” Klatt walked and ran around a track in Tacoma, Washington to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. From that day on, thousands of other people picked up the cause and joined in various events to support and celebrate cancer survivors and caregivers. We have our own part to share in helping raise funds for this wonderful event.

As mentioned in the previous post Wild Kajaera will be having our own Relay For Life Auction. This is only part of the greater picture as Second Life is holding a Relay for Life Event that coincides with this auction. We are happy to announce that we will also be raising funds with our new Relay for Life Cheetah LE during this time. Starting from December 1st to December 11th, you will have the opportunity to pick up this amazing Relay For Life Cheetah, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

RFL Cheetah sign.png

WK Display at RFL Here 

We also have the honor of unveiling a Relay for Life One of a Kind Tigger for you at this event. The Relay for Life event staff made a simple request, for us to share something extremely special, and it was our pleasure to bring this amazing OOAK Tigger out for our SL community to bid on. We know we can count on our wonderful breeders to help show the rest of Second Life how generous we are. Bidding opens Thursday, December 1, 2016, 6am SLT and Closes Sunday, December 11, 7 PM SLT at (OOAK Auction site).

RFL OOAK Tigger 12.2016.png

Also available at the RFL fair is the WK Rug of Hope.


Just like Dr. “Gordy”, one person can make a difference. So, we know that an entire community can work wonders!

With Deep Regards,

~Wild Kajaera


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