We’re Ready!!!

WK Little VarmintsWe are ready for adopting.

The Crates we come in are nice but we would like to get out soon as the food is being sold separately to help your Item Page not get cluttered up with so many pet foods.

Please stop by the new Little Varmint Shop located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/204/138/21

2 thoughts on “We’re Ready!!!

  1. The ferrits are SOOO cute. I was blown away by looking at classifieds lol…WOW are people so desperate for money they don’t even breed the little critters before they have to start the selling crap lol. shakes head!!

    • Remember some breeders may have over bought trying for a certain one. If they got to many of one color they may want to be able to go back and try again for that color they are trying for. When they buy them for 3 for 3000 and offer them for sale where someone else might be looking for something else. It takes the gamble out of what your going to get.

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