Store Location

We would like to take a moment to let you know of some markets. Some of these markets are specializing in the New Wild Mustangs while others are supporting all WK Wild Kajaera Animals. While some of them may have additional auctions which will be posted on the Auction page as we get that information.  We invite you all to stop by and visit the markets.

Ancient Sunset – Wild Mustangs

Breeders Choice – All Animals

Cataclysm – Big Cats and Little Varmints

Galaxy – All Animals

Ground Location –

Space Ship Location –

Gerris – All Animals

Huntress – Wild Mustangs

Plantation Hideout – Wild Mustangs

Relax and Breed – Big Cats and Little Varmints

Soaring Eagles Wild Mustangs

Tiger Zoo – All Animals

Wild Cat Maina – All Animals

Wild Farm – Big Cats, Little Varmints, and Wild Dogs



Food Update

I am sure you had heard someone say in group “My foods gone how do I get it back?” We had several helpers and CSRs say MOOG it. This is something we have been trying to track down and while it was impossible to reproduce we do think we found the cause.  The update should prevent a dish from going poof in the future if your sim runs out of URLs.  However you may still get the warning that the sim is out of URLs and it is a good indication that your sim needs a restart.  If you have food out that is an older version this is fine you may leave it as is the food will still be eaten. If however you rerezz said dish it will poof asking you to MOOG a current version.

Current Food version for all but the Happy Teddies in all animals is 2.7.3 in Happy Teddies it is 4.1.1